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Welcome to the Cat Books Mews and Reviews page! Here you can read about my highly recommended books on the domestic cat or on cats in general. My cat books review page will serve as a valuable source of information on cat-related literature for all cat owners.

If you wish to buy any of my featured books, please simply click on the image photo or name of the featured books below. For general book shopping, click on the logo above on this page. Visitors in the United Kingdom may click on the logo above to shop for books. I enjoyed compiling this page of my recommended feline books, so I hope you will find this page useful and informative. I update this page often so please feel free to bookmark this page or join my emailing list so you won't miss out on my latest book reviews! Now on to the books...

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277 Secrets Your Cat Wants You to Know :...
By Paulette Cooper
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Ranging from the sublime to the ridiculous, these 277 feline secrets provide a cat-alogue of unusual and useful information, from the reasons behind purring, scratching and shedding, to the 25 things you didn't know about cat food. A very fun book!!

The Cat Who Covered the World : The Adventures of Henrietta and Her Foreign Correspondent
By Christopher S. Wren.
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Henrietta was an ordinary New York City cat until she ventured overseas with foreign correspondent Christopher S. Wren and his wife and children. Over seventeen years and tens of thousands of miles, she became a plucky, indispensable companion for the reporter as he covered world events in Moscow, Cairo, Beijing, Ottawa, and Johannesburg. An hilarious, enjoyable account of an American family's adventures crisscrossing the globe coping with chaos with the help of their resourceful cat!

Understanding Cats : Their History, Nature and Behaviour
By Roger K. Tabor

One of the world's leading cat authorities presents a full-scale, fascinating portrait of felines, from their origins in the wild to their accommodations to domestic life, and offers invaluable insights into their behaviour. Over 150 beautiful, full-colour photos capture the alluring mystery and irresistible appeal of all kinds of cats with even a section on non-pedigree domestic cats. The best book on cats that I have ever had the opportunity to read and a book every cat owner should own!

Housecat : How to Keep Your Indoor Cat Sane and Sound
By Christine Church
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This is the most complete guide to creating a safe, healthy, stimulating world for your cats written specifically for indoor-only cats. Its all here, from how to recognise and alleviate stress to a rundown of every type of litter on the market to how to get cat hair off your couch. This book also covers health issues faced at some point by everyone with cats in their lives. It's a book you just don't read once, but keep coming back to!

The Complete Book of Cat Breeding
By Dan Rice
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A very informative book covering every aspect of breeding cats. Even contains information on cat heats, mating cycles, the birth process, care of kittens, and many other topics including some wonderful photos and all in a easy to read and understand fashion. A definite good book to have if you are considering breeding cats.

Catworld: A Feline Encyclopaedia
By Desmond Morris
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Here is the cat bible with all the details concerning every aspect of the domestic cat that you could ever want to know from the world's best authority on animal behaviour. Superbly illustrated with line drawings and 150 colour photos and presented in an A to Z format, Catworld is an unparalleled reference book and gift for the shelf of every cat lover. It's great book that I keep coming back to!

Is Your Cat Crazy? : Solutions from the Casebook of a Cat Therapist
By John C. Wright, Judi Wright Lashnits
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One of the country's leading animal behaviorists, Dr. John Wright diagnoses the cause of problem behavior and then works with owners to find an appropriate treatment. Readers will learn why cats refuse to use their litter boxes, scratch and bite, and behave the way they do; and they'll find out what works and what doesn't when it comes to kitty discipline. This is a well written and organised informative book on cat behaviour and highly recommended to anyone who wants to understand their cat.

Help! : The Quick Guide to First Aid for your Cat
By Michelle Bamberger
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Everyone from the cat owner to the cattery proprietor and professional will find valuable clear and understandable information in this handy take-along guide that provides vital, easy-to-find help in an emergency when time is shortest. This book is a "must have" for all cat owners, although I hope you never have to use the information in this book.

Understanding Your Cat
By Michael W. Fox
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Prominent veterinarian and animal behavior expert Michael Fox answers questions from "What makes cats purr?" to "Is declawing the safest and most humane way to save the furniture?" A complete owner manual including the history of the origins of the domestic cat. Practical and informative and wonderfully photographed, this guide unveils the mysteries of the feline world.

A Cat's Little Instruction Book
By Leigh Rutledge
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A collection of 201 bits of feline wisdom features such sage cat advice as "When in doubt, chase something," "Be astonishingly mysterious," "Help with jigsaw puzzles," "Let sleeping dogs lie," and others. Definitely a book that every cat should read as well as the cat owner!