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Mystery Black Cat Watercolour

Welcome to "Cats in the News" where I post extraordinary stories that I have found from various sources on cats. Read on and find out that cats really do have nine lives! The latest entries are on the top.

This page will be updated regularly so please do come back again soon to read the latest news stories!

Giant Puss Thomas

Thomas, the 10-year-old moggie can claim to be Britain's fattest cat at Twenty-Eight pounds - scoffing four huge meals a day. Owner Gladys Jarvis of Banbury, Oxon said, "I've tried him on a diet, but he's having none of it."

Hope, Freedom, Amber & Flag

The World Trade Center recovery effort has brought much sadness but there have been many tales of bravery and survival. They include one very resourceful cat. Beneath the decimated area where the World Trade Center once stood, life was found in a forgotten basement. Rescuers discovered a blast survivor curled up in a carton of napkins. When the box was brought up, there were even more survivors-- three kittens.

The mother cat found her way into a safe, secure area to give birth to the kittens in a box of napkins, which couldn't be anymore safe, secure and cushioned for her kittens. Vets felt these little survivors needed names. Mom has been christened "Hope" and the babies are "Freedom", "Amber" and "Flag." It's very fitting for a family determined to survive despite the close call. Vets predict a full recovery for the entire cat family.


British workers opened a sealed crate from Malaysia and couldn't believe their eyes as a kitten stared back at them. It had survived for over a month by licking condensation off the crate's walls. The tortoiseshell was tired and thin but instantly greeted workers with a friendly meow. Workers plucked the girl kitten from the crate and called the RSPCA. The kitten had crawled into the crate at the port of Penang and been sealed inside as it waited to be loaded to a ship. She then endured a voyage to South Hampton and lorry trip to Salisbury without food and light. The eight-week-old was named Flowerpot and will stay in quarantine for six months but a home as been lined up for her.

Smokey & Dotty

Thousands of plant-lovers travel miles to the Chelsea Flower Show each year, but none would risk their life to do so. However, four-month-old kittens Smokey and Dotty hitched a lift from their plant-nursery home in Hampshire to the showground in SW3 on the undercarriage of a lorry. For 60 miles they perched on a ledge only two feet from the ground, staying put even when it stopped at traffic lights. Ninety minutes later and three motorways later, the lorry finally came to a halt at the showground and the terrified cats were discovered. The cats are owned by Rosy Hardy, who has been exhibiting at the Flower Show for the 10th year running.

Major Benjie and Georgie

A pair of mischievous moggies had their owner in a cat flap after boosting the neighbourhood crime rate. Major Benjie and Georgie were caught red-handed following mysterious cat burglaries on the next door neighbour of their embarrassed owner Elaine Floodgate. Oriental tabby Major Benjie started the crimewave by sneaking through the neighbour's cat flap and returning with a cuddly toy. Days later, the bold cat came home with more loot. Her other cat Georgie sneaked next door and made a beeline for an expensive watch left lying on a bench.

The cats were caught after the neighbour mentioned that things were disappearing. The penny dropped with the cats owners and now the criminal conspirators now banished from their neighbour's house, have become peeping toms. They have taken to sitting on her bathroom ledge and staring at her in a menacing way.


Speedy is a very lucky kitten. His life was saved by Dr. Edwin Jeszenka of the Lincoln Highway Veterinary Clinic in Lancaster, Pennsylvania by the development of a mobile prosthetic cart,created with K'NEX® toys.

Speedy's mother was a stray cat living in a housing development outside of Millersville, Pennsylvania, USA. His mother was keeping her kittens under an overgrown hedge that was owned by an elderly couple. While trimming the hedge, they discovered a cute black and white kitten that could not walk correctly. They realized that his back legs were not normal, and thought it might have an injured spine. They called a local animal rescue organisation to come for him.

At the clinic, x-rays were taken during the first week, and it was discovered that this kitten had been born without a pelvic bone. Some sort of cart that lifted the rear half of his body off the floor seemed like a solution to help him walk. Dr. Jeszenka sketched his plans for a "wheel chair" or a tiny cart, in which the kitten's hind end could be strapped into to facilitate movement around the floor using front-end power provided by the kitten. These sketches were used to build a cart out of K'NEX® toy parts. It only took Speedy about a day to figure out how to use his cart. As Speedy continues to grow, he is currently on his third cart (October, 2000), modifications and improvements were made on each one, for comfort and stability.

This is a remarkable story of hope, love, and compassion, which has gained international attention through TV, radio, and newspaper publicity. Read the full story on Speedy's website.


In March 2000, John Chislett from Warrington, Cheshire, UK was woken by his 2 year old cat, Coffee. Mr Chislett had fallen asleep with the chip pan on the cooker. The chip pan caught fire and Coffee rescued his sleeping owner by biting his nose and butting him until he woke him up. Coffee was treated for breathing problems at a veterinary surgery and they nominated Coffee for the Brave Pet of the Year in April in York.

Spike, Britain's Oldest Cat

In October 1999, Spike, a 29 year old ginger and white tom was named Britain's oldest living cat and given a Guiness Book of Records certificate. Spike's owner, Mo Elkington, an aromatherapist from Bridport, Dorset, UK attributed his good age to being fed aloe vera gel each day. His diet also consists of fresh fish, trout, pink salmon and ordinary cat food. Spike spends his days in his quarter acre garden in his countryside home. Spike is still in good health today now at 31.


In March 1999, a tabby cat wandering into an electricity sub-station and receiving an 11,000 volt electric shock. A Yorkshire Electricity engineer, Gerry spotted him and managed to carry him clear of a 132,000 volt live terminal. The cat was given the nickname Sparky. He was left with burned paws, singed fur and whiskers and paralysed ears and a front leg. Sparky was very lucky to be alive as an electric shock of that magnitude would more than likely kill a human being. When Sparky appeared in the newspaper, his owner, Tricia Watts of Hull, UK recognised her missing cat, whose real name is Soxy. Owner and cat were reunited.


In March 1999, Talbot, a 6 month old stray cat wandered into the Peugeot plant at Ryton, UK and went to sleep in the car body shell of a Peugeot 206 on the assembly line. The shell went into the paint-baking oven at a temperature of 145 degrees Fahrenheit with the cat still asleep inside. The workers noticed him half an hour later when the shell emerged. Workers used a hose to cool the cat down. Fortunately he survived, although his four paws pads were completely burnt off and his fur was singed.


At Christmas 1998, a stray tortoiseshell cat turned up at Sandringham just as the Royal Family were arriving for the Christmas holidays. The cat stayed at Sandringham until January and was nicknamed "Queenie". The Queen's staff looked her after until she could be placed in a local shelter.